“Ryan Puett took the stage next, his thin and wiry frame seeming totally hidden behind his acoustic guitar, a shock of slick black hair hanging down as he played. For a fairly small guy, Puett has a big, rich voice that you can’t help but stop and pay attention to. The song “Doing Just Fine” was particularly remarkable for the way Puett combined a steady, driving rhythm with lyrics that seemed to tell the story of a long and desperate road trip (“We’ll go to sleep with the sunrise/And if it wasn’t for all these drugs we’d all die/I’ll do what I’ve got to do to survive”). One dares not dole out comparisons to the great Jeff Buckley too lightly in this world, and though Puett has a completely different tone, he seems to be channeling the same kind of determined, otherworldly longing inherent in Buckley’s delivery.”
Grant CattonNuvo Magazine

“Ryan Puett is a quirky Americana folk singer from Indianapolis. I first saw him play guitar for Kevin Crafton. After meeting him, I looked him up and found he is a great singer also. He is a definite original and at times maybe pushes the creative or whimsy a bit far. Some songs I did not connect with at all but others amazed me. I am not saying this is a bad thing; there are a couple of artists on my play list who keep me guessing. His song writing skills are varied and he can pull off upbeat songs as well as stripped-to-the-bones folk. I am in love with his song “Honey Bees Dance More on Cocaine” which he says is a fact he learned on the Discovery Channel. Unfortunately, he has no recording for it so I may make him sing it to me whenever I run into him until he does. He is getting ready to record a new album “Cold Blue” which has a projected release this fall.”

“Ryan Puett’s music is like an illegitimate child conceived between Dashboard Confessional and Bright Eyes, but then was taught and raised by the great Bob Dylan himself. It’s edgy yet poised, rockin’ yet subtle, so real yet so graceful. Enjoy!”
Daniel NovakoskiLeft-Handed Promotions

“Music possessing moments of truth and harmonized emotion.”

“Ryan Puett has a very unique style – and that’s what people want to hear.”